LV22: 12TB External HDD USB-C 10Gbps HUB for Home Office, Media Creation, and Laptops | Creative Pro Hybrid DAS USB Docking Station Hard Drive

Streamline your work from home and boost creative professional activities while extending USB connections from your laptop with the LV22, designed and developed in the USA by Compatily.

Work from Home


Back Up

LX23: 2X 12TB RAID Gaming HDDs, USB-C Gen3.2 10Gbps Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, nVidia Shield Pro, and Plex Media Server | Dual External Hard Drives

Enough space for 200+ games and plenty of room for 700+ films, you can backup, store, and launch programs all in one high-capacity storage device, offload your CPU’s software-managed RAID or from a motherboard’s chipset through this device’s onboard dedicated RAID functionality.